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(TV) chris whitley

"Lee Ritter" <poriver@hotmail.com> wrote:
"Hi'. Anybody familiar with Chris Whitley's stuff. I saw a program
about Robert Johnson and someone did "Hellhounds on my Trail"
playin solo acoustic slide guitar & it was amazing the way he
varied the tempo throught out the song. I think it was Chris
Whitley. He seems to have produced quite a few cd's & I was
wondering how they were."

chris whitley is all over the place. "living w/the law" is nice & a tad slick "white soul" for my tastes. the second & third discs tend to be louder & more electric. portions of the second disc remind me of dinosaur jr. "dirt floor" is his best in my opinion. chris was playing his national & banjo straight to a dat. the disc was recorded in a barn on his parents property. i haven't heard the discs w/mm&w or the new one w/dj logic. but i have a cdr of a show from boston in july of this year w/dj logic that's pretty interesting. in general, i find i don't really groove on his lyrics too much. chris has played pgh a number of times & i've missed him every time. however, my neighbor goes & she reports he's a wonderful performer & a nice human being to boot. to sum it up, my view of chris is kind of like what my friend dick says about the dead--" i like the concept of the dead more than their actual music."

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