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RE: (TV) missing Cover song titles


If my memory serves me well, about 5 weeks ago or so, Ms Secret X, who's been silent recently (are you away on a vacation Ms Secret X?) mentioned on list that song 
"Lindi -Lu"  ("....moving to a junkyard..") was released as a single in UK, but was not included on the UK album of Cover.  The US album , of course , includes "Lindi-Lu"

Re:  lines about "red tableclothes" can't help you ; tell us more.


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   There is a song missing of the track listing for
"Cover" on the Wonder site. It's the tune after "Oh,
Foolish Heart."

   Actually there is two songs missing. Does anyone
know their titles?

   The first one is about "moving to a junkyard." The
second has the lines about "red tableclothes"

   Help me here. I am having an anyeurysm.


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