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Re: (TV) TV Interview From Paper Archives / Details of beating?

Nope, sorry, don't know the details of his injuries. The Lower Eastside was
a much different place in the 70's. I'm sure anyone of the caucasian
persuasion got harassed and mugged down there on a regular basis. I got held
up down there once myself, but I was someplace I shouldn't have been.

> Maybe Dennis might have knowledge of the actual circumstances of Tom
getting jumped and beat up.  My guess is that Ms. Secret X is probably the
only other person on list who knows the details.
> I have another interview in which TV and the interviewer are discussing
Tom's first NYC neighborhood and TV relates an incident in which a person
with a gun held up Tom at night when Tom was walking home.  TV said he (Tom)
was so drunk and that he (Tom)  acted so strangely towards the robber that
the robber let Tom go without bothering him.  (So I guess  this was in the
period of TV's life before he swore-off alcohol/drugs.)
> Waitin' for the full story of the beating ("....he beat me down with a
rubber hose....").
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