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RE: (TV) Little Johnny Jewel

Ooh I've never seen a MM 7". Where does it fade out?

I finally found a rental copy of The Blank Generation. It's pretty cool if
you view it as a photo album with music as the lack of sound synch can get
annoying. It starts with some striking photography of patti smith with
Gloria playing on the soundtrack. At one point you see Tom jamming with
them. Then it segues right into Television. You hear Little Johnny Jewel
with A Mi Amore spliced into the middle for some strange reason. It's mostly
close-ups of Tom (right up into his nostrils) and his slick fretwork. Then
there's the Ramones, then some great Blondie footage (with the Betrock demos
as soundtrack). Debby wears a sexy lace-up blouse. Also footage of that band
The Marbles I've been dying to find out more about. Wayne County, Talking
Heads, the Tuff Darts (nobody really talks about them nowadays), some guy
named Harry Toledo whom I've never heard of (kind of interesting though) and
the mostly useless Miamis. Richard Hell and The Heartbreakers round it off.
At the end there's New Years Eve at CBGB footage with TV, Hell and David
Byrne all crammed together near the bar.

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From: Philip P. Obbard

Yes, the full version that appeared on a 12" single in 1979. The original 7"
single, released in 1975, used the same studio cut but split the song over
sides of the 7". (Later, the same was done for "Marquee Moon", too).
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