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(TV) Poetic/Ingenious TV Lyrics + "Missing" Lyrics to "Ain't That No thin' " & "Hi-Fi" ?

-- Scott Neukam <scottneukam@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I was just reading some Television/Tom Verlaine lyrics and
> > realized (for about the 1000th time) what a clever lyricist
> > Tom Verlaine is.  So what, in your opinion, is the wittiest
> > or most ingenious TV lyric?

Too "too too" many poetic/ingenious favorites to list here but here's 8 of mine (see also http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Horizon/7784/quiz04.html  and http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Horizon/7784/quiz05.html    )   

Everything was more than I took it for.

I was listenin', listenin' to the rain.
I was hearing, hearing something else.

All afternoon ... gazing at the moon,
well, I'm forgetting things before I think them. 
The stars are out ... they're writing on my brow,
your name, your qualities, I could drink them

When I heard your name, I looked into my cup,
lo, and behold, the seven seas came up.
When I hear your voice, the arrow flies, 
the streets turn silver, and the fools get wise.

I've returned to my research in magnetic fields, 
it's funny how attractive indifference can be.*** 
My sense of failure... it's not so important. 
electricity means so much more to me. 

[NOTE: *** I especially like the double meaning of the word" attractive"----applied here to either/both elementary particles or/and emotions.]

Fragile, Handle with care, 
I have to face what's never there.

Up in the high, high hills - with my floating friend, 
watching al the silver - no one can ever spend

Discover dishonor with its thousand commands,
it ain't worth a shot, that target is sand.

I saw the color that sent the geese south
Breakin' in my heart
I saw the color, your golden mouth 
Breakin' in my heart
I saw the color that whistles far away
Breakin' in my heart 
I saw the color; I walked away 
Breakin' in my heart 

[Just kidding, but can anyone decipher the "missing" words/lyrics TV mumbles during the tune, "Hi-Fi", (at least the words mumbled on the 12" vinyl version)-----something about  "...love of a lifetime..."  ??  

Also, during the final Lloyd guitar solo/fadeout on "Ain't That Nothin' " TV is singing words that are drowned out by the guitars and which are "missing" from Adventure's lyric
sheet.  What is he saying?

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