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(TV) The Wonder CD singles (the funniest thing)

THE WONDER (and its two CD singles) are the toughest Verlaine CDs to find.
I don't know if I've ever told this story to the list before, but it's
really short and good, so here it goes:

This happened about 2 summers ago (1999), after my first year of university.
I was in Toronto, and I was having an amazing day.  I just had a lunch date
with a really cool girl.
As I was leaving to go back home, I was walking by a record store (Sam the
Record Man - total "top 40 hits" kind of place), and I figured I'd stop in.
In the "Verlaine, Tom" section, there was a CD single of Kaleidoscopin' +
Sixteen Tulips + Vanity Fair (surely out of print at this point).  There was
no price tag on it, but it was still in its wrapping.  So, I took it up to
the front and asked how much it was.  The store clerk tried to scan it
through, but it wasn't registering.  The CD wasn't on the system.
The clerk called the supervisor, who said "I don't know" and called manager,
who came out, looked at the CD single like it was a waste of his time, and
said: "How does $5 sound?"

Sixteen Tulips and Vanity Fair sounded just fine that night.

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