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RE: (TV) The Wonder CD singles (the funniest thing)

maybe there's just "something" about that single.

The Shimmer CD has songs that I already have, but it has amzing cover art.
Does anyone know who did the art for The Wonder + singles?

Also, on the "new" Just the Facts, there are some images of singles.  Is
there a way I could see a larger image of the Scientist Writes A Letter
single (the blue one)?  It looks like a David Lynch painting.

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That's very interesting - it might be a "funniest thing" with this
CD single... I have three stories about trying to find it:

1. In the fall of 1994, during a trip to NYC, I found the "Kaleidescopin'"
single for about $3 on the racks of a Manhattan used CD store. It was one of
those stores where the jewel cases are all displayed, but the CDs are behind
the counter. So I brought up the jewel case to buy it, but the store owner
could not find the CD anywhere. He spent about 15 minutes looking, and then
took my address and phone number and promised to contact me when he found
it. I
never heard from him.

2. Sometime during 1999, I won a copy of this CD single on Ebay for less
$10. The same day I won it, I got an email from the seller telling me that,
to a family emergency, he was was canceling all of his auctions
canceling even the one I had already won) and would get in touch with me in
future. I never heard from him.

3. In 2000, I won a copies of both CD singles on Ebay. Despite my repeated
emails, the seller never contacted me or told me how to pay him. Then,
bizarrely, several weeks later, he sent me both CDs in the mail, but again,
never responded to emails about payment. So I wound up getting them for

Third time's a charm!


--- Cameron Pulley <cpulley@navicominc.com> wrote:
> I don't know if I've ever told this story to the list before, but it's
> really short and good, so here it goes:
> This happened about 2 summers ago (1999), after my first year of
> I was in Toronto, and I was having an amazing day.  I just had a lunch
> with a really cool girl.

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