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Re: (TV) Feb. 8, 1977 / Bad joke / When was the last time you listened to Marquee Moon?

Thanks Leo. The reason I ask is that next February will the 25th anniversary of
the release of MARQUEE MOON. Since we've already missed other important dates
like the 25th anniversary of Television's debut (March 2, 1974) or the release
of "Little Johnny Jewel", it would be cool if we could think of something,
anything to celebrate the date...


--- "Casey, Leo J" <CaseyL@VOLPE.DOT.GOV> wrote:
> "On February 8, 1977 Electra/Asylum records released 'Marquee Moon',
> Television's debut album produced by Stones veteran Andy Johns and TV
> vocalist/guitarist Tom Verlaine."  The long-awaited album contains
> ..............etc., etc."

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