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Re: (TV) Re: Verlaine Studies / Alien Rapture

Leo, this is your magnum opus post (although there are quite a few to choose
from lately).

I would go for a lazier plotline that just recycled "Bill and Ted's Excellent
Adventure" (with its foretelling of a world united by the music of their future

"I am Richard S. Lloyd, Esquire!" 
"And I am Tom Theodore Logan Verlaine!" 
"And we are... Televysyon!"


--- "Casey, Leo J" <CaseyL@VOLPE.DOT.GOV> wrote:
> Don't hold your breath, Cameron------my previous e-mail
> musings were supposed to be more along the lines of a 
> *FAR* distant future. (What follows is a treatment or 
> skeleton of a screenplay on which I am presently working).

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