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RE: (TV) Re: Verlaine Studies / A better example

At 11:21 AM -0400 8/23/01, Cameron Pulley wrote:

Welles had a number of unreleased films at the time of his death (The Other
Side of the Wind, It's All True, etc.)

Don't forget that much of his ouvre was tampered with by RKO--_The Magnificent Ambersons_ has that awful tacked-on ending and a lot of material that was cut and destroyed. _It's All True_ may have been recently reconstructed, but I'm not sure how complete it was. (It did see an art-house rerelease a year or two ago...) _Touch of Evil_ did get a rerelease as well, with some reconstruction, but again I'm not sure how faithful it was. At least the long tracking shot at the beginning wasn't obscured by credits, and the soundtrack was more faithful to how Welles wanted it.

OK, just read Leo's explication of these points.  Carry on, everyone....

ObTV: this remind anyone of the gratuitous keyboards on _Alchemy_?

Maurice Rickard
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