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(TV) Re: TV Digest V1 #470

Sounds absolutely great to me, considering I have no such footage. ;) Even 
better would be if we could get it all together and then find someone to dump 
it to video CD (all I've got for movies etc. right now is my DVD-ROM drive on 
my computer), but I guess that's pushing it. It'd be nice to have a tape of 
this stuff going around...I recall that a Violent Femmes fanlist put together 
a "video compilation" sort of tape and it apparently got distributed well 
among those on the list. Considering one of the favorite bands of MMers is 
also fronted by a guy with a geeky voice, should be a snap, right? ;P

(okay, no logic there, but a compilation of TV-related footage would be 
pretty sweet)


In a message dated 8/25/01 2:47:24 PM Central Daylight Time, 
tv-owner@brainiac.com writes:

>Do we want to try to make a concerted effort to distribute some of these 
>tapes among the other listers? There's a shop here in town that does PAL->
>NTSC dubbing (and vice versa), so the format different wouldn't be an issue. 
>What'd'ya think?
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