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Re: (TV) separate mailing list


Welcome back. I have to change the contact info for the mailing list, actually. No archives as of yet; one of the things that went down while you were gone was an evil hosting issue for my domain. I've moved it and it's better now.

To subscribe to the relocated tribute list, send a blank email to


(NOT to -request, as was the case with the old system)

Thanks for joining in...


At 3:53 PM +0000 8/27/01, Per RosHn wrote:
Hi all!
I've been on vacation for six weeks so now I will have a big job reading all the lost MM-messages. It will take me months. Has anything important happened? Though, I saw the subject about the separate mailing list. Is it too late to join? Did you count me in for TP2? Is there an archive so I have a chance to see what you have been discussing?
Maurice Rickard
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