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Re: (TV) The Horror (OT)

In a message dated 8/27/01 2:28:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
jaypontrelli@yahoo.com writes:

> And, of course, the use of the
> Doors' "The End" is unquestionably the greatest use of
> popular music in cinema history (IMHO).  

Boy, as a knee-jerk reaction, I want to disagree with this. However, I can't 
think of anything quite so well done and so appropos. Good call!

       -- Owen

PS: Waaaay off topic (but on this side topic) - For my money, the best 
consistent use of popular music in a TV series was "Homicide: Life On The 
Street". Eclectic choices, often surprising, but always spot on.

Owen Gwilliam
http://shadowy.brainiac.com (The Shadowy Site On A Shadowy Web)

"Never judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes. That way, if he's [a 
jerk], you've got his shoes and you're a mile away"
    -- Rev. Billy C. Wirtz
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