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RE: (TV) ghost world (ntvc)

Sorry to hear about Rockets. I met him a few times about ten years ago -
really nice, funny dude. He's also in 'Little Noises' w/ Crispin Glover (a

Say Dennis, you wouldn't happen to have known my old roommate Vincent
MacLellen, eh?

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From: Dennis

I've always been a fan of Steve's and have had the pleasure of meeting him a
couple of times, he was good friends with
Rockets Redglare, who was also a friend of mine. Unfortunately Rockets
recently died, he was in the process of writing a book that would have been
amazing. There have been rumors flying for years that Rockets either was
involved in the murder of Nancy Spungen or knew who did it and gave an
interview before his death where he promised to reveal what he knew in his
book but now we'll never know for sure. Rockets was a character actor who
appeared in a few Jim Jarmusch films among others, he played himself in
Basquiat.  Sorry for going so off topic.
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