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Re: (TV) RE: Television & TV Footage/ Pretty Ballerina / Feeler on Volunte ers

Leo wrote:

I also remember seeing a great Verlaine promotional video for the
album "Flash Light", specifically, for "A Town Called Walker" in
which TV was walking thru city alleys singing this song while
accompanied by a woman dressed in a ballerina outfit.
(Was that you Ms. SecretX ?!?)  I remember contacting fellow List
member, Per Rosen, off-list last year about trying to secure a copy
of this video from him, but the European video/voltage[?] standards
among other obstacles prevented us from consummating anything.

The video was Five Miles of You and I also told you about some acoustic live in studio Verlaine stuff from MTV:s 120 Minutes (after the release of the Wonder). I told you to reply to me if you wanted me to search for it. I also suggested that I could ask a friend to put the stuff on video CD. (That should mean we didn't have to bother 'bout PAL/NTSC copying problems. If we are using analog videotapes the quality will get worse even after only one copy. For short segments the digital format should suit.) You never replied so I thought you lost your interest. A list video is a great idea! This (above) is the material I can offer. (I also have two Lloyd tunes from Swedish TV back in -85 and the Verlaine and Hell interview parts from BBC:s rock documentary Dancing in the Streets.)

Any opinions about the CD-or-tape aspect? I'm not an expert at all, but wouldn't the digital solution be the best?


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