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Re: (TV) The New Yorker / Future of Pop / Nick Hornby

On the topic of High Fidelity, Ghost World, etc. Has anyone noticed this recent trend of obssessive compulsive record collectors popping in to movies? (HF, GW, and the documentary "Vinyl".)

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Subject: Re: (TV) The New Yorker /  Future of Pop  / Nick Hornby
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 08:54:55 -0700 (PDT)

Oh is THIS the game we're going to play??

I agree that "High Fidelity" is too feel-good; I enjoyed the book but felt the
ending sucks flat-out - it's a male fantasy. Also, inserting the well-known
urban legend about the husband running off with a young woman and instructing
his wife to send the proceeds from the sale of his car/house/beloved music
collection was pretty lame on Hornby's part.

> To get back on topic:  Although Hornby does not explicitly
> mention Television or Verlaine (I'd really be stunned if he's ever
> listened to them in his life)

I wouldn't be. I assume Hornby's novel "About a Boy" lifts its title from Patti
Smith's song of the same name (both the song and the book deal with Kurt
Cobain, who wrote "About a Girl"). If he's listened to Patti Smith's GONE
AGAIN, he's at least *heard* Verlaine, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's
listened to him, too.


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