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(TV) Hornby & Verlaine: I'm Wrong / Should have included qualifier

> To get back on topic:  Although Hornby does not explicitly
> mention Television or Verlaine 
[ *in the August New Yorker piece* ] emphasis added post facto
> (I'd really be stunned if he's ever listened to them in his life), 
> the future limned in this piece is a future with no room for
> their music.

Philip replied: 
> I wouldn't be. I assume Hornby's novel "About a Boy" 
> lifts its title from Patti Smith's song of the same name
>  (both the song and the book deal with Kurt Cobain, 
> who wrote "About a Girl"). If he's listened to Patti Smith's 
> GONE AGAIN, he's at least *heard* Verlaine, so I wouldn't
>  be surprised if he's listened to him, too.

Eric V replied: 
> I'm certain he has.

> In the novel High Fidelity, Rob's former flame Charlie
>  is said to have "put on a Television t-shirt."

OK, you guys have got me!  


PS:  My pitiful defense:  
"In my original e-mail I had included the qualifying 
adverb 'carefully', but then later deleted it from 
" .... stunned if he's ever listened carefully to them in his life ..." 
as I thought it too verbose. 

PPS:  Carefully diagram with parallel and sloping 
connected-lines the grammar (as sometimes was 
required by grade school teachers) of the following
I had an ex-flame, who sometimes wore a "Cocteau Twins"
t-shirt; I, however, never listened to that band.  
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