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RE: (TV) Neil Cooper (ROIR founder), RIP

Big moving week for me, hours spent paring down my collection of 100s of
cassettes. I don't listen to cassettes anymore but I have lots of great
stuff. Definitely hang on to my ROIR cassettes though of which I have:
Television - The Blow Up (of course)
Richard Hell - R.I.P.
Richard Hell - Funhunt
G.G. Allin - Hated In The Nation
Bad Brains
The New York Singles Scene

This last one is especially important to me. It's where I first heard
Television and some other bands singles that I can't find anywhere.

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From: Maurice Rickard

At 71, on August 13.   This was the first I'd heard of it:

The label, apparently, will continue operations with his son Lucas at the
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