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Re: (TV) Re: TV Digest V1 #475

--- DAYKARAK@aol.com wrote:
This is even
> *more* true in the case of, 
> say, The Velvet Underground just because of the now
> classic line about how 
> "few people bought it, but everyone who bought the
> first VU record started a 
> band". No doubt you've heard PLENTY of morons trying
> to talk about music and 
> landing on something like that; I've also found that
> another favorite phrase 
> among these people happens to be "corporate
> America". ;) Anyway, despite all 
> this, that doesn't make the VU suddenly "bad" just
> because some shallow 
> idiots who want to appear to be smart pretend to dig
> them, does it?
as for all this, just a quick scenario i witnessed not
too long ago...
rush hour traffic in the heart of downtown portland-
as i'm crossing burnside ave., i hear "sister ray"
exploding & i turn to see some youngish goateed suit
in an ostentatious suv pumping the volume (& fighting
the power too, i guess)....
whatta miraculous vision it was...instant satori-like.

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