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Re: (TV) Bowery Ballroom show?

> Verlaine started the show by saying it was going to be the some
> show ever", because they'd only had two hours to rehearse! He wasn't

I think he actually called " most whack" show ever, I remember thinking how
funny it was to hear Tom use the term whack.

> His band consisted of Billy Ficca and a bassist and guitarist who none of
> knew (he did introduce them and I know Leo has their names). Thank
> Ficca was there; his backing band was clearly new to his material
> and Ficca was outstanding as always, following Tom's every move. Verlaine
> also up to the task, cracking jokes and looking very energized and
> happy to be in center stage.

The guitarist was Alan Licht, I looked him up on the net when I got home and
he's an "avant-garde" guitarist with a bunch of records to his credit. As I
said too many times lastnight I missed Fred, who was in the studio working
on a record a band he plays with outside of Television.
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