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Re: (TV) Echo ..... echo, echo

i found the writing pretty weak on the 2 "comeback"
recs & it almost seemed as tho the band had abandoned
their own sound for something approaching oasis
mac will always be mac (& don't forget what crap he
turned out minus the bunnymen), but i'll go with
raymond here (& julian cope as well) in opining that
the b-men without pete defreitas just don't cut it...
i think he def. kept the band edgy & based on cope's
analysis (he & defreitas were great pals...read "head
on" by jc for further insite), he was the one who
never really lost his head to "pop" stardom...
--- christopher hollow <doughboy@netspace.net.au>
> i've got to go against popular opinion here and say
> the last two Echo albums
> are actually pretty good ... I've especially enjoyed
> listening to 'What Are
> You Going to Do with Your Life?' - the title track
> being a cracker with its
> 'Everybody's Talking' type vibe. Obviously the 80s
> stuff is great but the
> modern version is definitely worthy.
> cheers
> chris
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> Subject: (TV) U-2 / Bunnymen
> | ditto- here's my tuppence ha'ppenny worth on the
> subject - i like some U2
> | stuff but after their first record they tried to
> ape the b'men to a
> | ridiculous degree for the longest time -there's a
> song on Rattle and Hum
> | f'ir instance which McCulloch and co should have
> sued for-the thing with
> U2
> | is that they worked their asses off constantly
> touring while the Bunnymen
> | thought it was enough just to be putting out great
> records...sad but true
> | unfortunately...Bono even nicked McC's habit at
> the time of breaking into
> | other people's songs mid Bunnyset so i can
> understand Mac's
> | annoyance -wouldn't say he was too jealous at the
> time..maybe more now
> | looking back at what could have been....what
> annoys me most is that Mac
> has
> | consistently pissed and snorted away his talent
> since the mid eighties and
> | consequently lost that fabulous rich majestic
> voice as a result -to hear
> him
> | today is almost too pitiful for me, he's lost at
> least half his range and
> | all of his vocal control and power- for me the
> Bunnymen however was always
> | the result of the chemistry and tension of the
> four original members and
> | when Pete de Freitas died that was the end of the
> band for me...i loved
> | Sergeant's playing too but how can one man hope to
> create the genius
> | interplay between Lloyd and Verlaine?
> impossible.....
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