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Re: (TV) Re: OT: Uncut/Mojo TV articles - Pink Floyd compilation

Right - Gilmour mentions in Mojo that making THE FINAL CUT was extremely
unpleasant for the band. It looks like songs were picked in a four-way voting
scheme, so that Waters' selections (with apparently five songs from THE FINAL
CUT!) all came to nothing, with the sole exception of "The Fletcher Memorial
Home", which everyone voted for. (This type of arrangement reminds me of Dean
Wareham's complaints about the Luna box set a few years ago, where the two
'block' votes of his former bandmates kept things like their cover of the Sex
Pistols' "Submission" in the vaults! There is definitely a downside to
democracy when practiced bands.)

Gilmour also says Pink Floyd is finally over. We'll see, of course!


--- OwenGwilliam@cs.com wrote:
> Actually, I'm surprised *anything* from THE FINAL CUT showed up. Personally, 
> I always thought it was their best record, but Gilmour has basically disowned
> it, largely (I think) because he felt it was a Waters solo project in all but
> name.

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