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(TV) Friend of Bonehead contest

Greetings TV fans,

Six months or so I mentioned that I had taped two concerts that I knew would be of interest to many of you. They were:

Tom Verlaine- Live @ The Paradise, Boston 4/12/90


Matthew Sweet- Live @ TT the Bears, Cambridge, MA- 12/10/91

Well, I just got around to transferring them to cd-r, and they cleaned up quite nicely (I'm beginning to have strong emotional feelings for Cool Edit Pro)even though they were recorded on a Walkman.

The Matthew Sweet show had Richard Lloyd on lead and Chris Harford on bass (I couldn't hear the drummers name), and oh my word Richard played great throughout, especially on "You don't love me", "Does she talk", oh hell I could just name them all. Real cool to hear him on the covers "When you dance", "Crazy Arms" and "Don't lie to me".

So last night, like a bonehead in Dog Heaven, I was making copies for a couple of close friends, and I overestimated the number of friends I actually have, so I ended up with an extra copy of both. Hence the contest. If you would like to be a Friend of Bonehead, and receive a copy of these shows totally free of charge, all you have to do is guess the number I am thinking at this moment. I'd hate to throw these copies away.

Good luck in all of your endeavors,


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