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(TV) (brief-ish, exhausted, rambling show report)

Let me be the first to say that tonight's show was excellent.  It was way too short (they only played 6 songs); and there were some sound issues early on (couldn't hear the guitars at all); but it was an immensely satisfying show nonetheless.  

It took a long time for them to set up, and once they did, naturally, it took another eternity for them to tune.  Verlaine was having problems with a pedal that had to be replaced, and then he seemed to be having problems with his guitar strap.  (only had one for two guitars, and needed help putting it on)  

Possibly because of time constrictions, the tuning "Intro" didn't really turn into the semi-song it usually does.  They just made a bunch of noise, and segued into "1880 Or So".  There was no guitar or vocals in the monitors for this until about half way through the song, and even then it was mostly Verlaine's guitar.  For most of the song you could only hear Ficca and Smith, and as much as I worship Smith's playing, I have to say that there are ACDC songs with more interesting bass lines than "1880 Or So".  (His playing the rest of the night, however, was beautiful) The sound really didn't get corrected until about half way through the second song, "Call Mr. Lee."  This is when everything really started to click.  The band, which seemed a little sloppy and distracted at first, was playing great, and it even seemed like Lloyd and Verlaine were really listening to, and playing off of each other.  Witnesses will corraborate that Lloyd even smiled at one point during the show.  The third song was an inspired "Prove It", followed by an impressive "Little Johnny Jewel".  The next song stands as the big SURPIRSE for me - "O Mi Amore"!  It was a loose fun version (maybe under-rehearsed)  They messed up a little in the middle.  The night ended with an epic Marquee Moon - including the double ending which was debated here last year as an impromptu moment in Chicago after Lloyd broke a string and had to switch guitars.  He managed to play through the whole song tonight, and it sounded much better with him on it.  The double ending actually seemed to stretch into a triple or maybe even fiple ending tonight.  It was a shame it was over, but I'm not complaining.  I'm very jealous of those of you who get to see them next week in NY.  

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