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(TV) Tuesday night's set list

Hi all,

Just got back (after a long and annoying trip courtesy of the NYC MTA) from
tonight's show. It's too late to write a long review, but I had a great time. I
saw some old Television friends (Scott, Leo, Dennis, etc.) and met a slew of
other list members: Joe, Jesse, Henry, Chris, etc. (If I left you out, it's
just because I'm beat... it was good to meet all of you).

The place was packed. I believe they sold out. The age range of the crowd
varied from teenage to middle-age, although mostly male. 

First surprise of the night: Television was selling t-shirts! They're black
with a write, child-like drawing of a bunch of faces and shapes on it, with the
word 'TELEVISION' in small red print in the lower left-hand corner. Anyone know
who designed it?

Second surprise of the night: two new songs! 

Full set list:
- Swells / Big Tree (same song Tom opened his solo show last Fall with)
- 1880 or so
- quick, bluesy run-through of the James Bond theme by Tom!
- Venus
- Call Mr. Lee
- I Could Sleep All Day -> new song!
- Little Johnny Jewel
- Oh Mi Amore
- Prove It
- New song! Couldn't make out the words. Very similar to a song Tom played at
his solo show last Fall (same main riff).
- introductions by Tom ("Taking a sip of water is Mr. Fred Smith... wiping his
precious face is Mr. Bill Ficca... moving his bottle back is Mr. Richard
- Rocket segued into Rhyme
- Marquee Moon

- Glory
- See No Evil

The band was in a good mood; Richard of course looked somber all night, but I'm
told that that's his "Television face". (He couldn't have been too mad when
people started shouting for "Alchemy" early on). I can see why "Oh Mi Amore"
was always a favorite of his - he practically carries the entire thing. It
sounded great. 

Tom smiled a bit and seemed pleased with the performance, as did Fred; I
couldn't see Billy as well, but he carried the entire show as usual!

I hope other attendees will chime-in with their own reactions and observations.

See some of you tomorrow night!


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