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Re: (TV) My online TV review's up

--- Ty Burr <tyburr@mindspring.com> wrote:
> Actually, I approached the band about an interview for the print
> mag and was
> told by Richard that Tom's not talking. And then had to relay back
> that my
> editor was only interested in a piece if Tom talked. Which was
> uncomfortable
> to say the least.

Well, I guess that quashes any speculation about a forthcoming

You *might* be able to get an interview with Tom that *wasn't* about
Television... that might get him some label attention, at least, and
he might get out some of that much-rumored "three LPs worth of
stockpiled studio material". Assuming he wants to release them; his
ambitions are always impossible to read (unless it comes to choosing
record labels).

> Think I will be writing a small thing on
> Richard's website though; one takes it where one gets it.

That would be excellent.


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