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(TV) An interesting conversation. . .

At Tuesday night's NYC gig, I was speaking to the
woman behind the T-shirt counter.  She was taking
names and emails for a TV mailing list.  She said that
plans were in works for a new TV compilation CD, which
would include some live material.  In fact, they had
hoped to have it available in time for the New York
shows, but things didn't work out.  She said that Fred
Smith was involved with the project.

Any info, anyone?

As for a CD of new material, I can only speculate. 
But the two new songs they did on Tues/Wed seemed very
well arranged and worked out.  Plus the revisited Mi
Amore.  The thought of going into the studio, at the
very least, has to be in the back of their minds.

I agree with Phillip that, of the two new ones,  the
"Sleep All Day" tune is more immediate, and more
Television-like, than the other one.  But upon hearing
it a second time, I also grew to like that other one. 
It is very rhythmic and Arabic sounding, both in its
riff and its solos.  One wonders if it isn't a
reaction to Sept 11.  The lyric I caught was a
tortured "You never said why. . ."

- Jeff

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