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Re: (TV) Profound Television epiphany of the year (for me, at least)

I think there's a story recounted by Richard Hell (in VELVETS TO THE VOIDOIDS
or PLEASE KILL ME) about how he and Tom came up with the name for the band.
Hell and Verlaine wrote a slew of names down individually and then shared them
with each other. 'Television' was a throwaway Hell entry that Tom liked a lot.
Hell said he only realized later why.


--- Michael Lee Lim <mllim@itsa.ucsf.edu> wrote:
> OK, I'm sure all you die-hard Television fanatics have figured this one
> out decades ago, but I just came upon this revelation a few days ago...if
> at least one person on this list appreciates it, I will feel justified:
> Tom Verlaine = T.V. = Television

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