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Re: (TV) Richard, Richard says ....

In message <AGEFLOMPGBGLHCGMEMCGAEAAEEAA.jkauff@earthlink.net>, Jim Kauffman <jkauff@earthlink.net> writes
This is so ironic. As many of you old-timers know, Pete was briefly a member
of Television when Richard quit after the release of "Little Johnny Jewel".

Well, Richard says,

"As to Peter Laughner, he was never even close to being in Television, unless I was way out of town for a month, and I don't think so. Peter was a member of a band which opened a show for us in Cleveland called Rocket From The Tombs, which also had as members Cheeta Chrome and Dave Thomas. Peter Laughtner had some very serious emotional problems (didn't we all?) and developed a weird fixation on Tom, even once visiting him in a pychotic state and brandishing a guns at him. I remember Tom talking about it and that Peter had been delusional. It is unfortunate that this mental health problem cost Peter his life. It could be that he and Tom had done some playing together. We had quite enough loose screws hanging around that we did our best to steer clear of, if you know what I mean."

(in answer to one of the Ask Richard questions at richardlloyd.com)
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