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Re: (TV) TV's Global Fanbase

"nick powell" <nick_bug@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry try the main webpage
> www.globaldust.com
> and look for Television

Before anyone gets too depressed about Television having
only 5 fans in this database, consider the number of fans
listed for a few other bands from the same era:

	Pretenders	0
	Talking Heads	2
	Roxy Music	2
	Iggy Pop	3 (in the UK and Venezula!)

(All the above numbers have now been incremented by 1.
Most of the bands I looked for weren't even listed, but
surprisingly I found the Meat Puppets and Joy Division.)

Obviously this database is heavily biased toward current 
music.  Just for grins I looked up:

	Roy Orbison	2 	(0 in USA)
	Buddy Holly	2
	Chuck Berry 	1	(in Spain!)

No, Television fans need not feel depressed, or else
everyone should feel depressed about the disposable 
nature of pop music.

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