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Re: (TV) I've got the e-bay buyer blues

Well , for my part . I am the Mail Order Manager at Reflex CD and have sent
vinyl LPs to USA .  Maybe some are thinking of CDs but as Leo mentioned an
LP in his mail , thats what I'm talking about . A CD costs about #2.50 (
$4 ) to ship USA

The way it works from UK to USA for an LP is like this

Personally I package a record in good thick cardboard , then slip it into a
tight mailer , with plenty of tape around it's edges for better protection

I can guarantee you , to send Airmail via Small Package Rate ( the most
sensible UK overseas shipping method ) costs roughly between #5-7 (
depending on weight of record . Some are 180g these days remember )

So #5-7 is about $10 , is it not ?

The postal service around the world has bizarre twists , so just because its
a certain amount one way , doesn't mean it should tally the other way  .

For instance , sending a package to USA from UK is quicker than sending one
to Holland from UK !!
Figure that one out :-)

Anyway , thats my professional opinion and slant on the topic .

And if anyone has any Japanese Verlaine albums for sale , please let me know
, as I'm in the market :-)))


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> actually, i oughta chime in here as i'm a shipping clerk by day & i send
stuff overseas (sending postal, it's charged by weight, not by size unless
it's oversized, something an LP most certainly isn't) & i could send a vinyl
lp well-packed first class for under 5 bucks to the UK.
> global priority would run around $10-11 & that guarantees delivery in 3
business days.
> insurance would add another buck to the total.
> i KNOW ebay sellers who make money by overcharging shipping...as far as
i'm concerned, that's just the nature of the game.
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