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(TV) Re: TV Digest V1 #838

I paid $26 plus $8 /ticket of mysterious charges and fees for Ticketmaster.
I was going to go down there to buy the tickets from the box office, but
then I figured that it would take me $20 to go there and come back if I took
a cab -- and I didn't have time to take the subway (I worked way too
much!) -- also I didn't wait and risk having the tickets being sold out.

Really, though instead of blaming people for buying through Ticketmaster
like someone on the list did, let's blame the concert venues that distribute
their tickets through Ticketmaster, I really would rather pay an extra $8 to
the musicians than to Ticketmaster.  Look likes the case that Philip cited
lost on standing, ouch!  I am a lawyer, though I can't really see how a
class action to sue Ticketmaster could qualify for Pro Bono work...  but we
can only hope that someone will get Ticketmaster -- did you guys read about
the lawsuit against music records company under which everyone who bought a
CD from 1995 to 2000 will get some amount of money (around $10-20) from the
settlement?  There is some website that you have to register to get the
money: http://www.trembelog.com/classaction.htm  (I just read about this in
the Wall Street Journal a few days ago).

Columbia has something called Miller Theater (a good name for a Television
concert, isn't it?).  Great idea, though, I wonder who book the people for
Miller Theater at Columbia...  There is also something called Postcrypt
downstairs in St Paul Chapel at Columbia (can you tell that I went
Columbia?) -- but it's extremely extremely small.
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