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(TV) Wash, DC and more ticketmaster

Still no word on March 24th in DC.

BTW, Ticketmaster rip-off:

The Recher Theatre, Towson, MD
Mon, Mar 03, 2003. 7:00pm  
Item    Charge   
Tickets (Interpol)      
ADULT    $12.00 x 2 
Total Convenience Charge(s)    $9.00 
Total Taxes    $0.00 
Order Processing Charge    $3.25 
Standard Mail Delivery    $0.00 
TOTAL CHARGES    $36.25 

The "convenience' and 'order processing' charge is MORE THAN A TICKET.
but hey, no tax.

 - H. 
   maybe I'll find out why the subway is a porno
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