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Re: (TV) ebay listing finally up for Verlaine guitar

In message <6C0D0D13C96B444BA3FB881B4E6797A01E870B@exchbcoc.bcoc.pvt>, 
Larry F. Holt <lholt@birminghamchamber.com> writes
>> starting bid at $1,850...
>and with that you get a GIG BAG??!!!?!??!?!?!

Yes, but it's TOM VERLAINE's gig bag!!!  Which he bought from 
Jimi Hendryx.

It's actually a right-handed gig bag which Jimi carried left-handed.
Before that it was discovered by an archeologist in Israel hidden
inside the Arc of the Covenant.  You can check out the pictures in
the Guitar_Archeology magazine (March, 1965).  It's reputed to be the 
gig bag in which Moses carried his staff during his famous Egyptian tour.

This is really a remakable value at only $1850.

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