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Re: (TV) Re: Foxhole

"Philip P. Obbard" <pobbard@yahoo.com> write:
> One exception: Mooners may post the lyrics to "Foxhole" anytime they like.

Gee, _must_ we make an exception for "Foxhole"?  No one of my favorites, 
I must say.  It features:

	* Stupid, annoying lyrics:

		Send him out in the screaming read lights,
		In a narrow ditch full of funny fights
		Show me the war
		I don't know what for
		Show me the war
		But the war's such a bore.

			etc., etc.

	* Perhaps the most pointless guitar solo on any Television official
	  release.  IHHO, the first solo has no relationship at all to 
	  the song and just fills time, though played very skillfully.

	* Dumb chorus of "Foxhole...foxhole", over and over and over...

	* A really lame fade-out ending (how do you end a song when
	  you don't know how to end it?--turn the dial).

But a nice intro, like all Television songs.  This is one case
where they should have kept the intro and written a different song.

Here's what I think happened: protest songs aren't Verlaine's thing.  
The lyrics here are too direct and neither Verlaine nor the band feels 
comfortable with them.  The result is some rather obvious music. 

Oh, and on the political thing.  I don't like it either, but these are
extraordinary times.  We might want to leave the door open a crack,
and take some notice of what is going on outside our little garden
party.  I wouldn't look good to be caught discussing fiddle music while 
Rome--well, you know.

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