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Re: (TV) OT: Lou Reed - The Raven

In a message dated 2/12/2003 2:13:58 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
ericgv@hotmail.com writes: 
> Anyone listen to Lou's new record? Comments, anyone?

Yep ... listened to the 2CD version, and to be fair I need to listen again. 
My sole spin was been in a car, while I was out of town, so I was paying 
closer attention to directions & such so I wouldn't get lost.

On first listen, it's so-so at this point.

It's definitely something different, something gutsy, and a little 
pretentious ... easily half the tracks are spoken word with some backing.

The songs seemed good, althought they didn't blow me away on the first 

The speakers in the dramatic parts are interesting choices (Steve Buscemi, 
Willem Dafoe, etc).

Anybody get a more detailed listen?

       -- Owen

Owen Gwilliam
http://shadowy.brainiac.com (The Shadowy Site On A Shadowy Web)

"Thank you for coming to the concert ... you don't call, you don't write, but 
you look good ..."
    -- Tom Waits addressing the crowd at a 1999 Vancouver concert
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