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Re: (TV) Re: Foxhole

At 12:38 PM -0800 2/12/03, russvr wrote:
Keith Allison <keith@marquee.demon.co.uk> wrote:
 It's a fabulous guitar solo - every time I hear it I wish they did more
 with the same feel.

Could not agree more ! It's a fine song with a fantastic guitar solo,
one of verlaine's more Neil Young-ish sounding ones to my ear...

I'm in with Keith and Russ. And the solo's strength is in its dissonance (musical and cognitive) from the rest of the song. His tone is perfect there, ranging from thick and midrangey to appropriately piercing. It really turned my head around the first time I heard it--it really changed the way I heard guitar as a solo instrument.
Maurice Rickard
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