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RE: (TV) OT: Lou Reed - The Raven

Maybe Lou should try France.  They love Poe in France--also Jerry Lewis.

Oops--was that political?


"Jim Kauffman" <jkauff@earthlink.net> wrote
> Every few years, Lou feels the need to remind us once again of his talent
> for making incredibly bad music when he's trying to impress people. As
> Richard Meltzer wrote years ago, "If it's really, really stupid, it's hip."
> Lou's occasional brilliance (New York, Songs for Drella) keeps his
> reputation going. But those of us who've followed him since the early
> Velvets days know he's the ultimate slacker and poseur, despite his
> impeccable street creds. He's such a poet (right) that he can "update" Poe's
> work to make it relevant today--actually, relevant to Lou today.
> I say Lou playing Sweet Sister Ray at LaCave. But I also saw him at
> Cleveland Music Hall with the Tots. I've never seen a performer who can
> cycle between genius and stupidity so often in a career.
> (Climbing off of soapbox now)
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