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(TV) when Lou got bad, and high in the city

sure, the VU material places Lou in a high echelon of writers, but i just get 
so many kicks out of the fact that the same man who wrote those songs also put 
out those goddamn solo albums. 'berlin,' 'transformer,' 'metal machine music,' 
and the song 'kicks' are boast worthy, but i bust my guts at the sound of 
everything else. and i have heard EVERYTHING else, 'live in italy' right down 
to 'between thought and expression' rarities. i can't really think of a more 
disappointing career, both as a musician and writer. and i'm not one to 'rank' 
folks in top ten lists, but here's a list of 10 people that i thought were/are 
compelling lyricists who stick out more than lou in practically all of his post-
velvets work:

tom rapp
leonard cohen
lee ranaldo
david berman
ed sanders
neil young
patti smith
van morrisson
peter hammill, even!

standing on ceremony and upstate in a bar,
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