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RE: (TV) Re: Zappa, WSB and Lou Reed (was: Foxhole)

eric gregory <crackcity_2000@yahoo.com> wrote:
> he's primarily worked in a very non-abstract (MMM & a few VU experiments excepted 

OK, I'll buy that.

> narrative logocentric universe....

Ya mean he likes to talk?

> people have oft thrown burroughs out as an influence/precursor to reed, 
> but i hear & read ginsberg...

Out of the frying pan, and into the shitter.

> he's rooted in a very western poetic tradition 

Um, uh, make that the Village tradition?  The Western tradition includes
people a whole lot better than Mr. Poe or Mr. Reed.

> poe, possibly the first "modern" poet, or so say alotta academics

I'd save that honor for Thomas Hardy, a much greater writer. Poe is "modern' 
in his obsessions, but his forms and meters are pure 19th century.

> he's never been particularly interested in fucking with yr approach to the 
> text...he wants the text to inform as directly as possible (kind of me to 
> speak for reed, no?)

That does seem to be accurate statement of where Reed is coming from,
when his act is up to snuff.  And I have to admit that few do it better.

> ...& that's where & how i believe he's been a major force....has anyone hear 
> heard "ecstasy"? there's some amazing writing going on in that record...
> quite possibly as good as he's ever written.

I'll check it out.  Obviously we all owe Reed a huge debt for the VU,
so I guess we owe him the benefit of the doubt and maybe even we have
to listen to this Poe thing (well, I wouldn't go _that_ far).

> my seven or eight cents...

Well worth twice the price, and much appreciated.

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