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(TV) More Raven Sucks

I have to agree with the Reed defenders, though -- it's clear that Raven is lazy, boring, and lame.  I am baffled that he let it be sold -- it is unconceivable to me that he doesn't think that it's lazy -- the fact that he sells it in a 2- or 1-CD package seems to suggest that he himself thinks that there is something wrong with the 2-CD package.  But as a whole, I'd say that Lou's career is stellar -- his works with VU in general are revolutionary.  Personally, my entire understanding and appreciation of music was completely changed by my discovery of the VU.  And while I agree that Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Neil Young are much better song-writers (actually, hard to think of anyone better than these three right now) -- as a whole, their music didn't turn my world upside down (again, just personal experience here).  Lou has some outstanding solo albums as well, though, here we are more likely to disagree -- because I actually like New York and Rock'n Roll Animal, while I know that a few of you don't.  But Songs for Drella has to be one of the important albums in the 20th century, conceptually -- I see it as a cross-over between our traditional understanding of what a music album is and pure story-telling/biography, which is generally the territory of books, not music.  

Thanks, Philip for your kind words on the French -- that the French and the German have similar position on certain aspects of world politics is somewhat -- historically -- ironic, but, in some way, almost moving to me...  

and one day, I hope to visit Bagdad, the Bagdad of Avicenna...

Emilie T. Hsu
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