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(TV) francophone/telephone connection

further to Eric's suggestions for some gallic listening pleasure i would
offer up the wonderful Jacques Dutronc - perfect for lovers of superior 60's
garage band
beatnik dudes with cool funny lyrics to boot-one of his tunes is called
"j'etais le
fils du Pere Noel"

i liked Telephone's song "la bombe humaine" a lot from when i was a student
living in the
Burgundy region - it has to be said i was usually bombed myself at the time
on "vin de
pays" - Eric is right, we did also support Alain Bashung ,who remains hugely
popular, a few years ago and he still plays that tune live - he's kinda like
equivalent of a french Keef Richards-nice work if you can get it



and btw to all the Lou purists please kindly cease and desist from
denigrating "rock and roll animal" any more- i _love_ that record, it has so
many great memories for me and y'know at the end of the day it is what it
is, namely Lou backed by the classic-era Alice Cooper band.

----- Original Message -----
From: Eric Veillette

> Andy, I recently got into Telephone in the last year or so - it's
> What album did you win?. I suggest Alain Bashung as well. In fact, I think
> our very own lister Raymond played with him several years ago.

> A nous la liberti,
> Eric

> >From: "Andy Ferguson"
> >I like a lot of French music .
> >
> >In fact I have just won a Telephone album on Ebay . I remember that I
> >them when I heard them about 20 years ago but can;'t recall anything else
> >so I'm looking forward to listening to it .
> >
> >Andy
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