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Re: (TV) swedish connection

Sorry about the misspelling of Gaelic... I'm not an expert on the English language, you know.

As for Dunger - I would say that he, like many other Swedish singers and groups, might have a bigger audience abroad than here; I don't know about his dometic record sales, but I doubt that he has been that successful commercially here. As I'm growing older, I find it difficult to follow all the new Swedish artists that reportedly have big breakthroughs in Japan or elsewhere. It was easier in the days of ABBA, or Roxette, or Europe, or Ace Of Base - the last five years or so there've been so many of them, and there's so many top-seeling artists from especially the US coming to Sweden to record or working with Swedish composers. I think I read in the paper once that these days, music is nation's third biggest export industry. Not bad for a country that small.

Leif J

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and on the music front what about Nicolai Dunger? he's pretty fab too

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> This is awful reading. What's next? Swedes on this list being stigmatized
> suicidal and angst-ridden due to the picture of us spread around the world
> in the works of Ingmar Bergman.
> I'm a bit surprised that the following Swedish connection has never been
> discussed in here: that Verlaine repeatedly over the years has claimed a
> poet from my county to be one of his main influences in lyric-writing -
> Tomas Transtrvmer.
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