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Re: (TV) Sheeps, Dunger etc

>Gotland has been a major tourist draw  - mostly young people who behave 
>badly, though - since  1975, when singer/author Ulf Lundell wrote about it 
>in the smash novel "Jack".  Lundell, BTW, thanked Television as well as 
>Patti Smith for inspiration in the inner notes on his topselling 1982 album, 
>"Kaer och galen".

I played on the same festival last summer as Lundell. (he's huge here, our Dylan and Springsteen). Even on the same stage and his gigantic PA system. Everybody said we'd never sounded better, but when the God himself entered the stage the sound was terrible. (Just like the music he plays these days.) Just wanted to tell you that the first song in the speakers when the whole three hour thing was over was "See No Evil". He seems to have good taste, but he should have stopped playing rock in the seventies, though I still like his books.


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