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RE: (TV) Verlaine & Patti smith

 see 1998 or thereabouts covered...and so can't pin
> down which dates verlaine played with patti.  can
> anyone help with those?  (i'm sure one of you can...)

Verlaine played with Patti late 1995 and into 1996. Lenny Kaye was still 
with the band.

There are two really good boots from that tour that I can think of.

The first is the Hamburg gig. This exists in two versions, one being 
edited. I have this version, but I have the remaining songs on another 
CD. I could edit the two discs together.

The second is 'Flashes In My Dreams' from the Waterfestival in 

Maybe I could put one of these into a vine.

 "Marc Bolan 1947-1977 A Chronology" by Cliff McLenehan
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