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Re: (TV) Text based Verlaine lyrics?

Keith Allison <keith@marquee.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> I know, the whole thing's a piece of shit, really.

C'mon, don't pout.  I said I was sorry!  

Of course it's a WONDER-FUL site, as long as one is running 
Windows, using IE, and not in too much of a hurry.

> However, bypassing the menu, the individual pages are:
> http://www.marquee.demon.co.uk/tellyr1.htm
> http://www.marquee.demon.co.uk/tellyr2.htm
> http://www.marquee.demon.co.uk/tellyr3.htm
> http://www.marquee.demon.co.uk/extelyr.htm
> http://www.marquee.demon.co.uk/tomlyr1.htm
> http://www.marquee.demon.co.uk/tomlyr2.htm
> http://www.marquee.demon.co.uk/tomlyr3.htm
> http://www.marquee.demon.co.uk/tomlyr4.htm
> http://www.marquee.demon.co.uk/tomlyr5.htm
> http://www.marquee.demon.co.uk/tomlyr6.htm

This is extremely helpful. I'll bookmark these links.
Many, many thanks!

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