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RE: (TV) Text based Verlaine lyrics?/ Don't Leave

I'm snowed in so have to be brief, but I've gotta agree
with Leif.  I may not always agree with Mark, but I find 
what he has to say stimulating and well thought out.

I realize I'm probably in ther minority here--but 
that's ok too---so Mark, please don't leave.

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I don't know what's going on beneath the surface in here, but when I read 
the message below, I felt the urge to come out and defend Mark Ryan.

Since his appearance, this list has been much more valuable to me. His 
writings are funny, insightful, entertaining, well-written - sometimes 
mind-boggling (as with his judgment about "Words from the front"). Even a 
Swede could see that - at least this Swede; I don't know about the other 

It might be that several participants in this group enjoys reading about 
what's in other members CD players, or people who are interested in concert 
dates in '82 or '93 or whatever. Fine with me. But I don't belong to those. 
I enjoy reading contributions that are funny, insightful, entertaining, 
well-written, even sometimes mind-boggling, pieces that I not necessarily 
have to agree with - but pieces that may spread some unusual light over the 
works of Tom Verlaine and the others. Their music is absolutely fabulous 
when they're in peak form, but everyone should admit that they are not 
always at their peak. No big deal to admit that for me. Hey, I didn't even 
hesitated to annoy Lloyd when I interviewed him the other year by 
recommending him to bring in a lyricist so that the lyrics could be better 
on his forthcoming records.

And isn't it peculiar that Philip read Mark's remarks on The Wonder-site as 
criticism? Not even Keith seemed to be really angry at Mark.

Leif J, Sweden
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