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(TV) OT: Rhode Island Tragedy/Pyrotechnics / slightly on topic: NYC, C leveland, Portland /Chicago 2001

I would be negligent if I didn't say a few words about the recent
horrific event in West Warwick, R.I.---partly because it's less than 
a 45 minute car-ride from my hometown, and partly because I've 
been in a few firetraps in Boston, similar to The Station, to see live 
music over the years.  

The video footage of some *still-alive* club goers stacked 
horizontally like cordwood (and buried by other bodies) with just 
their heads outside the front exit, but with the remainder of their 
bodies still inside the burning building, was particularly gruesome. 

I was once at a midnight showing of a movie at Brandeis University 
in 1978 with a girlfriend and we came within a mini-miracle 
of being crushed when they finally opened the doors to the 
auditorium and the 'oversold' crowd surged forward. 

Probably because I'm now an old fart, being in large crowds doesn't 
hold the allure for me as it did in my rock n' roll hellion days.  

Five days before the R.I. fire, I was going nuts with 'cabin-fever' 
from the N.E. cold-snap so I went to a live show at Cambridge's 
Middle East Downstairs to see the 'reformation'/cd release of 
Robin Lane and the Chartbusters.  Despite the sub-zero weather, 
the place was absolutely packed---I remember during the warm-up 
act checking to see where the exits were located.

In Television's heyday[!] was CBGBs and many of the small clubs 
out-of-state in which they played, e.g., Cleveland, Portland [albeit 
relatively few out of town 1976-1978 gigs] dangerous 'firetraps'?

I assume NYC/London are a lot stricter regarding fire codes than 
most other cities?  For instance, unlike R.I. and Massachusetts, 
I'd reckon *ALL* clubs have to have a sprinkler system?  
Or am I naive?

Given the large number of MM Listers who are/have been in bands,
I'm sure there are some scary stories out there about several of the 
dangerous 'hell-holes' you people played in over the years
[Wash D.C clubs]?

Philip in his review of Television in May 2001 at Metro in Chicago wrote:

" . . . At about 6:30, we made our way to the Metro. It's a 
small, fire-trap venue that feels like someone turned 
their attic into a concert venue but forgot to tell
the fire marshal. ...." 

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