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(TV) Marquee Moon Vinyl Re-Issue

Does anyone know anything about the upcoming (March 4, I believe)
re-issue of Marquee Moon on 180g vinyl?  It's being put out by a small
specialty label in San Francisco by the name of "4 Men With Beards". 
Here's what one website says about the album/re-issue: "To call it Punk
Rock is like describing Dostoevsky as a short-story writer... it's hard
to conceive of a world without MARQUEE MOON being part of it... a
revolutionary album! Exact reproduction on 180 gram vinyl with original
artwork including lyrics and memorabilia. with detailed liner notes by
Michael Layne Heath. All-analog mastering from the original master
tapes."  artist Television
title Marquee Moon
format 180 gram LP (gatefold sleeve)
catalog number 4m501
upc code 646315 150117  Of course, I no longer own a turntable so
purchasing it would not do me much good.  Nonetheless, it would be very
interesting to know just how dramatic an improvement over the existing CD
they were able to produce. - Steve Steve Rovnerserovner@mindspring.com  
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