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Re: (TV) (OT) Neutral Milk Hotel/Jeff Mangum


Thanks for this article/link.

I had no idea Jeff Magnum was doing a Syd-like disappearance. I haven't heard On Avery Island, but had bought "In the Aeroplane..." when it came out, I thought it was one of the most psychedelic albums of the post-'60's. Unlike people mentioned in the article, I never thought of it as a "personal" album- the lyrical concerns were, to me, inpenetratable (not a bad thing).

While waiting patiently for the follow-up (time moves so fast nowadays I can't believe the last one was released in '98), I sought out a 2cd set of rarities by NMH and a cd called "Taped Demos and Super Rare Demos". Thanks to this link, I will now have to give them another listen.

One thing not mentioned in this article (unless I missed it) is the fact that Rob Schneider has recorded an albums worth of material with Andy Partridge over the phone or via the mail (can't remember which) that Andy wishes was released but Rob is still tinkering with.

I will have to seek out On Avery Island now....



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